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Equity IQ Tool

Social impact simplified


Social impact is a business imperative 

Data shows that an effective Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) strategy improves performance metrics at every level of business operations—from innovation and financial targets to employee retention. However, the traditional tools of workforce composition analysis, oversimplified attitude scales, and DEI training fail to provide an effective long-term solution.

According to current research, existing DEI business solutions struggle to effectively address two core issues

According to current research, existing DEI business solutions struggle to effectively address two core issues:


Learning and Development

Reduce implicit brain bias and mitigate adverse social impact.


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Analytics

Provide ongoing analytics and metrics to guide decision making.

Clapping Audience

Enter the Equity IQ Tool

Now more than ever, companies need effective DEI solutions. My Equity IQ Tool is the only equity intuitive business solution that improves DEI performance, regardless of implicit brain bias.

The Equity IQ Tool helps companies apply equity-impact analysis to every business operation and governance decision. By generating ongoing, intuitive, and scalable DEI analytics, it makes companies increasingly equitable and inclusive.

“ You don’t need to be an equity expert to apply expert equity solutions.  

Performance and Impact, Beyond Bias

Rather than relying on internal culture change, the Equity IQ Tool analyzes business decisions to identify the best action plan for minimizing adverse social impact—neutralizing the effects of implicit bias. It provides a sustainable way to apply an equity lens to all aspects of business operations.

It’s social impact, simplified.


Intelligent solutions. Intuitive analysis. Exponential impact.

Originally created as a user-directed, adaptive business strategy tool for a multimillion-dollar organization, the Equity IQ Tool has been thoroughly tested and proven to be effective for any company, of any size. 

Want to learn more?

Contact me to schedule a demo of the Equity IQ Tool, and find out how you can set your business apart by pursuing equity innovation now.

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